"Be Trained - Be Confident"

​​​​Thinking about getting a Texas License to Carry?

If you are new or novice shooter but really want to take a LTC Class then I recommend taking our Handgun 101 Class. This class will help you find the right handgun that fits you and will teach you the fundamentals needed to shoot safe and perform well in the proficiency (shooting) test of the LTC class. If you already have your own gun, it will teach you how to properly use it.

I have witnessed firsthand people in a LTC class (not ours) that have never fired their firearm prior to the class.  These people are endangering themselves and everyone in the class. We at Integrity FTC do not allow students to take the shooting qualification part of the LTC until they have hands on experience with the firearm they will be using on test day.Trained people are responsible persons.

Our Handgun 101 is not a 1-hour 'this is the trigger, this end goes bang' class. OUR class is a 5 hour comprehensive but relaxed class that will give you CONFIDENCE through education and training.

Do you plan on buying a handgun but need help?

Integrity Firearm Training Center classes offer training in finding the right handgun for YOU. Handgun 101 will let you try different handguns and grips until we find one that is right for you. Handgun 101 also covers the fundamentals of shooting including: gun safety, hand grip, shooting stance, eye dominance and sight picture, breathing control, trigger control, loading and unloading. This class is offered solely to small groups to receive the most benefit and personal attention. Let Integrity FTC provide you firearm instruction.

We do not sell guns, but often we are asked to accompany a client at the gun counter to get some advice. We want you to have a handgun that is personally fit to your body size and life style. We do not want you to have a gun that you are afraid of the recoil or afraid to use. We also do not want you to have a gun that you cannot muscle the controls or load properly. If a loved one bought you a gun because they care about your safety and well-being, and it is not the right gun for you, then they will understand if you have to trade it in for one that is right for you.

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See the SCHEDULE tab for class dates and specific pricing. Prices do NOT include ammo. We do not have our own range so often times we pay what you pay for range fees. Some classes include range fees. See individual class descriptions for more detail.​


Class Title
Class Length
* see class
for details 
Range Fee

Handgun 101

Fundamentals of Handgun Safety, Operation, and Shooting 

5 Hrs



Handgun 201

Shooter Development Course     

2 Hrs



NRA Basic Pistol Instruction -

Phase II only (must have completed Phase I online first)

5 Hrs




Rifle 101 

Fundamentals of Rifle Safety, Operation, and Shooting   

4 Hrs



AR-15 - Basic Rifle Marksmanship

4 Hrs



AR-15 - Advanced Rifle Marksmanship

5 Hrs



NRA Hunter Marksmanship

(youth or adult)

4 Hrs



NRA Basic Rifle

8 Hrs

Self Defense

Defensive Pistol 301  

Shooter Skills for Conceal Carry                 

5 Hrs



NRA Defensive Pistol  

8 Hrs



NRA Personal Protection in the Home

8 Hrs



NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

(Level 1 and 2)

14 Hrs



NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home

(Level 1 only)

9 Hrs


no range

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching and Mentoring

by hour or by personalized goal-driven plan




Texas License to Carry

Certified Texas DPS class required to receive CHL-100 certificate (see class description for Military discounts)6 Hrs$65incl.


​​choosing the right Handgun class to meet your needs


​"This class will..."  
Handgun 101 
 NRA Basic Pistol
​(Phase I and II combined)
Teach you how to HANDLE the handgun safely.

Teach you how to OPERATE the handgun safely.

Help you find the right handgun for YOU.

Teach you the correct fundamentals of shooting.

Teach you how to load and unload YOUR handgun.

Teach you the correct two-hand standing shooting position.

Help you prepare for the Texas CHL proficiency (shooting) test.   

Teach you the handgun parts and components of YOUR handgun.

Teach you how to find the correct ammunition for YOUR handgun.

Teach you how to break down and clean YOUR handgun.

Teach you alternate shooting positions.

Introduce to you the different types of pistols (semi-auto, revolver).

Introduce to you cartridge components, operation, and storage.

Teach you how to respond to cartridge malfunctions (aka gun jams).

Teach you in-depth range safety rules and operation.

Teach you how to score a target.

Teach you in-depth cleaning methods and safe gun storage.

Give you an NRA Guide to the Basics of Pistol Shooting book.

Award you an NRA Certificate upon meeting the class requirements.