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​​Many beginning shooters “peak” at shooting paper at the local indoor range, and have no avenue or knowledge for advancement. This is simply not acceptable, especially to those who have chosen to carry a handgun for personal protection. As a minimum, this is frustrating for all shooters as their irregular visits to the range may result in inconsistencies, having good days and bad days at the range. There simply may be no good form or muscle memory in which to draw.

This is the reason we developed Handgun 101 - Fundamentals of Handgun Safety, Operation, and Shooting.

Other shooters become somewhat proficient at shooting at paper and never grow from there. Others  may then attempt to take a formal class. Oftentimes the student over estimates their skills, and may get into a situation where the class is frustrating, or not fulfilling or helpful due to these gaps in training. Most Professional instructors can attest to someone signing up for and attending a class thinking they have the fundamentals, and then awkwardly trying to keep up. In some situations, these shooters are pulled from the line due to safety concerns. Many students (especially male) want to skip the basics and go straight to the 'tactical' classes. This is a serious error in thinking.

As a professional firearms instructor, I have witnessed first-hand the most common problem for shooter development is that most shooters have large gaps in their training, if they have been trained at all.

That is the reason we have developed Handgun 201 – Shooter Development.

INTEGRITY FTC believes in well-conceived and planned curriculum, not just a list of random courses in a catalog. We believe training and development should be a fabric that interweaves one mastered skill seamlessly to the next introduced skill. This is not a foreign principle in any other sport, so why should it be different for shooting? It is not.

We believe that everyone who is serious about becoming proficient at handgun proficiency (Those who wish to pursue license to carry, personal protection, security, law enforcement, military to name a few), should take Handgun 101, go home and to the range and practice those skills, and come back for Handgun 201. This method WILL make you a better shooter, and prepare you for the more advanced 'high-speed' classes.

Handgun 101 - Fundamentals of Handgun Safety,
​Operation, and Shooting

Course Length: 

5 Hours (includes break for lunch)

Course Cost:

$100 per person - using your own handgun and ammunition.  ($20 range fee is included)

* MILITARY SPOUSE DISCOUNT  (For spouses of active duty US military)- $80 per person - ($20 range fee is included)

$115 per person - using our handgun and ammunition (50 round box).  ($20 range fee is included)


Must be 18 years of age minimum. (16 if accompanied by parent or guardian).

We provide: Loaner handgun, eye protection, ear protection, target.

Bring with you: Good attitude, your handgun if you have one (optional), 50 rounds of ammunition minimum. You can choose to just use our handguns, but you must purchase our ammo to use in our guns. Ammo provided at additional charge. Further instructions will be emailed after registration.

Course Description:

This class is an introduction to basic handgun operation, manipulation, and shooting. Topics covered are the fundamentals of shooting including: safe gun handling rules, parts and operation of a handgun, hand grip, shooting stance, eye dominance, sight alignment and sight picture, breathing control, trigger control, loading and unloading, classroom drills, how to clean a handgun, and then ending with live fire at the range. Our proven methods include laser simulated pistol training followed by live-fire at the range to put your skills to use. This class will also help you select the right handgun for you prior to you purchasing one.

This class is offered for small groups often 8 students or under. Larger classes available upon request. We also host a Ladies Only Class several times a year, which has gained popularity. This class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ANYONE WHO IS THINKING ABOUT GETTING THEIR LICENSE TO CARRY (LTC). The Texas LTC class has timed fire as part of their proficiency (shooting) test. If you have never presented from a high-ready position and extended your arms to fire a round on target in less than 2 seconds, or if you do not know what this means, then you need this class. We practice firing using a timer to help you prepare for the CHL proficiency test.

This is a great class for someone who has never fired a handgun before and for the person who needs to brush up on their skills and develop a solid foundation. Choose INTEGRITY FTC for firearm instruction.

Handgun 201 - Shooter Development Course

Course Length: 
2 Hours
Course Cost: 
$80 per person - using your own handgun and ammunition.  (range fee incl.)
Must be 18 years of age minimum. Handgun 101 preferred or intermediate level shooter. Must be able to shoot a group.
We provide: All targets.
Bring with you: Your handgun in a range bag.120 rounds of ammunition minimum. Further instructions will be emailed after registration. You do not need a holster or magazine pouch for this class.

Course Description:

There are literally hundreds of drills available to shooters of all levels and for all purposes. The purpose of any drill is to make you better at your chosen craft. Handgun shooter development is no exception.

We believe training and development should be a fabric that interweaves one mastered skill seamlessly to the next introduced skill. This is not a foreign principle in any other sport, so why should it be different for shooting? It is not. With proper attitude and discipline:

Handgun 201 will make you a better shooter and bring you to the next level.

Considering the economy of time and resources, we have painstakingly determined five shooter drills that will make you a better shooter. These drills are conducted with a timer, and you are given a record of your accuracy and speed to take home with you. This gives you a baseline of data and a measurable starting point for your growth. Not only are they good drills by themselves, but they are arranged in an intentional sequence to progressively build one over the other. We have run our instructors through these drills and have witnessed their excitement as they see their shooting improve as well!

In addition, we are also there to coach you to make sure you get good reps and not bad ones. When you complete this class you will have the tools to continue in qualitative skill development. The rest is up to you!

​NRA Basic Pistol important information

Instructor Note: The NRA has changed their pistol class structure and gone to blended learning. This means NRA Basic Pistol is now completed in 2 Phases. Phase I is done through E-learning online through the NRA. The NRA charges $60 dollars for that class which goes directly to them. We really have nothing to do with Phase I. After the student completes Phase I then they are eligible to take our Phase II class which is Instructor led and in person. Contact us if you have questions about this process; It is new to us too!

NRA BASIC Pistol Instruction - Phase I

Sign up directly through NRA with this link: https://onlinetraining.nra.org

Phase I is a prerequisite before Phase II can be taken. After you successfully complete Phase I, the site will direct you to find an NRA Instructor to conduct Phase II. If you do not see a INTEGRITY FTC class listed in your vicinity then contact us and we will schedule one. 

Phase I is also required for those students who wish to eventually take the NRA Pistol Instructor class. Make sure you print out your certificate and have your PIN ready before signing up for our Phase II class.


NRA BASIC Pistol Instruction - Phase II

Course Length:

5 Hours (can be done in 1 day or spaced over 2)

Course Cost:

$100 per person ($20 range fee included)

Prerequisites: none

We provide:

Eye protection, ear protection, target and range time. We provide loaner .22 caliber pistols and ammunition, if you do not currently have your own handgun.

Bring with you:

A good attitude. Your own handgun and 100 rounds of ammunition. Further instructions will be emailed after registration.

Course Description:

The NRA BASIC Pistol shooting course introduces students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning and using a pistol safely. Through this course, the student will learn about pistol parts and safe gun handling, ammunition knowledge and the fundamentals of pistol shooting, shooting positions, scoring targets, selecting and maintaining your pistol, and continued opportunities for skill development. There is classroom time and firing the first shots at range time. This is a more comprehensive course designed for students who want to prepare for participation in other NRA courses, prepare for competition, or otherwise just enjoy shooting and want to learn more.

Students register and complete Phase I directly from the NRA, through E-learning modules entirely online. Students will receive a NRA certificate after completing Phase I course online. Students then register with INTEGRITY FTC to complete Phase II. Phase II is hands-on, reviews lessons learned in Phase I, demonstrates shooting positions and additional practical handgun lessons and ends with a shooting qualification. There are 4 levels of shooting qualification (Red level, White level, Blue level, Instructor level) possible. All students must pass Red level shooting test to earn their level II certificate for this class. This makes the class fun, because students have a benchmark of their shooting ability and always want to rank up!